Combinator Birds

Function Abstraction Symbol Bird CR¹ Combinator CH² CombinatorElementary³Haskell APL BQN
λ S Starling S S <*> / ap
λab.a K Kestrel K K const
λa.a I Identity SKK SKK id ⊣⊢ ⊣⊢
λab.b κ Kite KI KI
λ W Warbler C(BMR) CSK join ˜
λabc.acb C Cardinal S(BBS)(KK) B(ΦBS)KK flip ˜
λabc.a(bc) B Bluebird S(KS)K S(KS)K . ∘⍤⍥ 2T∘○ 2T
λabcd.a(bcd) B₁ Blackbird BBB DB .: ⍤ 2T ∘ 2T
λabcde.a(bcde) B2 Bunting B(BBB)B DB₁
λabcd.a(b(cd)) B3 Becard B(BB)B BDB
λabcd.ab(cd) D Dove BB BB
λabcd.a(bd)(cd) Φ Phoenix - B₁SB liftA2 3T 3T
λabcd.a(bc)(bd) Ψ Psi - B(SΦCB)B on
λ D1 Dickcissel B(BB) BD
λabcde.a(bc)(de) D2 Dovekies BB(BB) DD
λabcde.ab(cde) E Eagle B(BBB) BB₁
λabcde.a(bde)(cde) Φ1 Pheasant - BΦΦ 3T 3T
λabcdefg.a(bcd)(efg) Ê Bald Eagle B(BBB)(B(BBB)) D₂D₂D

1 - CR = Chris Rathman (combinator spellings taken from his site)
2 - CH = Conor Hoekstra (combinator spellings generated from C++ program)
3 - Elementary combinators are listed in Chapter 5 of Combinatory Logic: Volume I

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